Ollin Institute Featured Portfolio-08-08-08

THe ollin Institute-46Exploring the Many Aspects of Our Lives

In simplest terms, each of the pathways is a common aspect of life such as relationships, spirituality and health. Each has a rich array of compelling topics to explore and discuss.

Many of our offerings are pathways related. Look for these icons on our calendar of events and meetup group listings.

We encourage you to explore all the pathways, see them with new eyes, and even combine them in ways that you might never have thought of. For example, how to cultivate erotic energy for more charisma and impact in your work and/or art, or the intersection of science and spirituality.

Skills & Capacities

As you become more masterful in a pathway, you naturally have to move deeper into connection, expression, purpose and growth. By consciously applying The Four Forces Framework in combination with intention in a pathway, it is possible to accelerate growth and increase pleasure and mastery.

The skills and capacities we learn from each pathway, contributes to richness in other aspects of our lives. There is always more to learn, receive and experience in each pathway.

Evolutionary Learning Paths

Beyond the personal, each pathway also represents an aspect of our human development and the bigger arc of our collective evolution through the ages can be seen in each one. When seen through the lens The Four Forces, we can more easily embrace the diversity of perspectives and experiences while we consciously engage and impact the future.

Infinite Pathways

The map is not the territory, and in reality, there are an infinite number of ways to define pathways and the lines we draw between them are often arbitrary.  They overlap and become more fluid as we deepen our experience of life and our skills in connection, expression, purpose and growth.