Currently The Four Forces Institute offers the following types of trainings and events:

Four Forces Mastery Training

The foundation of The Four Forces, these trainings are focused on skill building and working with The Four Forces Framework in order to become an agent of conscious evolution. They are organized according to Levels of Mastery.

Pathways Events & Meetups

Organized around our pathway themes, these events are focused on learning and experiencing within the context of a particular area of life. In addition, they are a great way for community members that are interested in a particular topic to gather and share. We offer these through virtual events, online courses, teleconferences, and our local meetup groups.

The Evolving Edge Summits – Coming Soon
A chance to gather with community to explore current cutting edge ideas and work together towards an amazing world.

Four Forces Facilitator Training 

This is our “train the trainers” program designed for those interested in upgrading their facilitation, leadership, group leading, session work, coaching or mentoring skills. Training is currently offered as modules or as a certificate program. If you are interested in possibly assisting or leading our Four Forces workshops and events, this program is the beginning of that process. Certificate graduates will be considered support staff to assist at Mastery Training events. Learn More


The retreat format allows deeps dives into personal and group work. An incredible opportunity for breakthrough work, process work and experiencing of heightened states. These events include overnight lodging and meals.