Four Forces Facilitator Training

Do you want to contribute, be of service and have an impact in the world in some way?

As soon as you set the intention that you want to be of service in some way…you are stepping into facilitation.

  • Supporting your Relationships, Family & Friends
  • Community Building
  • Being a Leader at Work
  • Working with Clients
  • One-on One Coaching Work
  • Facilitating Workshops
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Creating Planetary Change

Facilitation is set of perspectives and skills that allow you to see from multiple dimensions beyond the surface and respond to what wants to happen” in service to the greater good….including you!

The definition of facilitation is “the act of making something easier.”

We call our approach facilitation because it is our intention to ease the way for greater connection, expression, purpose and growth in our relationships, organizations and world.  At the foundation of our approach is that we look for “what wants to happen” and follow the lead of those that we are facilitating.  No one or nothing needs to be “fixed.” Even the most challenging emotion, behavior or conflict, is pointing to the even-better-than-we-imagined possibility.

Our next Facilitator Training will be starting September, 2020. Please fill out the form below for more information.
Cost is $15,000 for the year program. Scholarships are available.